Posted on: August 23, 2008 6:16 pm
Edited on: August 23, 2008 7:14 pm

Media members like Greg Doyle are idiots

Mr. Doyle I'm coming after you my friend, and all your idiot media colleagues who decided to attack Philadelphia fans this week. In your latest column you have decided to go out and agree with Jimmy Rollins and call the Philadelphia fans front-runners. Do you even know what the defintion of a front-runner is? Front-runners are people who route for the person or team that is suppose to win. Last time I checked if your a Philadelphia fan like myself we are never routing for the team that is suppose to win, we are routing for our teams. Philadelphia has not won a major championship since 1983. So, I guess since then our stadiums have been empty, nobody calls the talk radio shows, and everbody just watches the Home and Garden channel. No, you idiot's that is not how Philadelphia fans are or act. We are passionate about our teams, we care whether they win or lose, and we want our players best effort. We don't say hey the Phillies are going to finish in last place this year might as well route for the Mets, and not show up for the games. Sure we boo the players when they are not doing well. Last time I checked everybody boo's their team when they are doing bad, and don't give me the St. Louis Cardinals fans don't boo because the rest of the St. Louis fan base does not even come out and support their other teams that play in the city. What Jimmy Rollins said about the fans was wrong, we are not front-runners. Do we sometimes jump on players a little too hard a.k.a McNabb sure sometimes, but that is what happens with a fan base thats best and worst quality is the same, which is PASSIONATE.

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